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22 Must-Know Reasons Cougar Love Exists

What does cougar mean in love?

A cougar love can be defined as an older woman in love with a young guy. This kind of relationship can involve a sexual relationship between the two. The woman is known to be above 35 years. The older woman exceeds the age of the young guy by 8 years and above.

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    đź’ź 22 reasons why cougar love exists đź’ź

    1.  This kind of love exists because the younger guy feels that they can learn so much from these older women. In this relationship, she is considered to be a wise and intelligent creature.

    2.  The man might be looking for a self-confident and self-assured lady and someone who is not just focused to start a family. This man is mostly looking to expand himself intellectually.

    3. Some younger men love, admire, and respect women who have dedicated their lives to achieving their goals. They love a persistent older woman since she has raised her standards in her profession.

    4. Some men want to feel that heroism nature by being with someone who feels as though they matter in their lives.

    5. The younger guy gets to experience higher attention from the older woman hence increasing his self-esteem and confidence.

    6. Some younger men crave a parental figure or a mother-figure woman in their life.

    7. Most of the older cougar women are attracted to energetic well built young men. They tend to love their physical nature and energetic lifestyle.

    8. Some of the older women who have managed to stay fit and lead a healthy life may want to find a younger man who is a decade younger than them but looks more like their age.

    9. Most young men are looking for a mature woman who has great experience in relationships. When in this kind of relationship, the older woman is capable of handling the ups and downs that may come with the relationship. She is capable of handling her own insecurities. Through this, both parties can get to establish a strong foundation together.

    10. This type of relationship exists since the older woman may find her way through to mold the younger man into the kind of man she wants in her bedroom. This may happen since she has a better experience than the young man.

    11. Older women find younger men spontaneous and fun-loving since they have fewer things to worry about in their lives.

    12. Some men will be wanting to settle with a financially independent woman. The older woman may find it exciting to spoil the younger man with gifts, taking him shopping and dates.

    13. When a woman becomes old it becomes difficult for her to find someone to share a life with. So most of the older women marry younger men since men of their age have already married, are in a relationship or even they are not interested.

    14. Most older women who date younger men always look forward to feeding their self-esteem and ego.

    15. The older woman may be lucky to have a nurturing nature that the young man may want to be fulfilled.

    16. Most people love being with someone who is mature and has experience with this life. That’s why some men opt to go for single cougar women.

    17. Some men are looking to settle down after a tough season of finding a stable job, hence they will be looking for a lady with refined taste.

    18. In this generation getting a lady with whom you can have an intellectual conversation can be tricky.

    19. Most men find cougars most attractive and opt to date them.

    20. After partying and having fun with life, most men and women start searching for partners who are willing to start a family and have children afterward.

    21. Women want to feel loved despite their age, that’s why you will find cougars yawning for well-built or caring guys who can show affection to them.

    22. Some cougar relationships are brought up by having a best friend who is years younger than you and with that built foundation, your feelings for each other develop and you opt to give it a try.

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