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A Tokyo Olympics presenter dresses up as Jiraiya from “Naruto.”

It’s one thing to go to a convention and know you’ll be seeing lots of fun and quirky cosplay. It’s another thing to see it completely out of left field and in the wild. I would say that seeing it randomly definitely puts a little smile on your face. Especially when it’s from something you absolutely love. A Tokyo Olympics presenter decided to cosplay as one of the three Sanin, and “Naruto” fans went crazy (including me). Check out this amazing cosplay of the Toad Sage aka Pervy Sage from “Naruto.

Jiraiya is such the perfect person to present at the Tokyo Olympics. Since he was Naruto’s trainer and essentially a father figure to him he’s a fan favorite to say the least. He’s also one of the most powerful Ninja to ever exist. Let’s take a closer look at that outfit!


Japan has made this event one of the most gamer/anime friendly things we’ve ever witnessed and has brought many people into the loop who might not otherwise watch the Olympics. I know that I get excited whenever I see them tweet from a beloved character including “Sailor Moon” or “Naruto.” Before this I don’t really remember a time when the Olympics were so pop culture focused. Or it just helps that I happen to LOVE anime.

I also want to take this time to say if you haven’t watched “Naruto” because it seems daunting, there are too many episodes or it’s full of filler there is a guide online that will tell you how to watch it without wasting your time with repeated content. Or you could just make it your next big project. Either way I highly recommend watching it.

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