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After England’s FIFA World Cup loss to France, Jude Bellingham slammed the referee, saying, “I think he wasn’t where he should have been today.”

England midfielder Jude Bellingham has slammed the referee following the Three Lions’ defeat to France at the FIFA World Cup on Saturday, December 10. Brazilian referee Wilton Sampaio came under scrutiny for several of his controversial decisions during the game.

Following England’s 2-1 loss against France in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, Jude Bellingham has hit out at the official.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder has claimed that referees can have bad games just like the players and it was a bad day for Sampaio. He told ITV after the game:

“Not great if I’m being honest, not great. Anyone can have a bad game, players and referees.

“I think he wasn’t where he should have been today in terms of the level for a game like this.”

The Englishman has claimed that England could have punished France from set-piece situations had they been awarded free kicks around the box. He added:

“But there are more factors as to why we lost, this definitely isn’t me putting it all on him, we were the ones who played the game, but yeah I don’t think he was at the level tonight.”

“I think there were a few [fouls] around the box in the first half, we are deadly at set pieces, and I think any one of those can make the difference,” Bellingham continue

Wilton Sampaio made several big and controversial calls during the game which came to cost the Three Lions.

France’s first goal happened just before a possible foul on Bukayo Saka by Dayot Upamecano but Sampaio refused to blow the whistle. England striker Harry Kane was later tripped by the Bayern Munich defender again, which was again overlooked by the referee.

VAR did not intervene with the decision, presuming the contact was outside the box. England were eventually awarded two penalties, although the second one was only given after a VAR intervention.

Harry Kane converted his first spot kick past France keeper and Tottenham Hotspur teammate Hugo Lloris in style but, skied the second over the post.

Gary Neville furious with referee after England lose to France at FIFA World Cup

Former England defender Gary Neville has hit out at referee Wilton Sampaio following the Three Lions’ defeat to France at the FIFA World Cup. He told ITV:

“The referee had a nightmare game, an absolute joke of a referee. I’m not saying that was all down to England’s defeat because that’s making excuses, [but] he was just a bad referee, rank bad.”

“It’s a simple decision,” Neville continued. “He kicks his leg away – I’m not sure why that isn’t a foul. He’s nibbled and he’s kicked him. It should be a free-kick.

“Upamecano has tried to win the ball on three or four occasions where can’t win the ball, on Saka, on Kane.”

World champions France will be up against Morocco in the semi-finals and will be looking to secure their place in their second consecutive FIFA World Cup final.

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