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After their FIFA World Cup exit, video footage appears to show a Uruguay star elbowing a FIFA official, and he could receive a 15-match suspension.

Uruguay defender Jose Maria Gimenez could face a ban of up to 15 matches as he appeared to elbow the FIFA director of competitions after their FIFA World Cup exit.

The South American side earned a 2-0 win against Ghana in their final group game of the tournament. Giorgian de Arrascaeta scored both goals for Diego Alonso’s side.

They were level with South Korea in points and also in goal difference after the culmination of Group G. However, the Asian side advanced as the runner-up of the group due to scoring more goals.

After a heartbreaking exit, Uruguayan players from surrounded the officials. In the video, Jimenez can be seen elbowing FIFA’s director of competitions during the melee.

Watch: #URU CB Jose María Giménez after full-time during the argument with the ref’s was seen elbowing the Director of Competitions of FIFA in the head.

Elbowing someone is considered a physical offense and Gimenez could face a ban of up to 15 games for his actions.

Apart from this incident, Gimenez could also face a three-game ban for allegedly foul-mouthing the officials in a recorded video. The Atletico Madrid centre-back reportedly said after the game (via Daily Mail):

“They [the referees] are all a bunch of thieves these sons of b**hes. Yes, record me. Son of a b**h.”

A José Maria Giménez 🇺🇾 le caerá una sanción de varios meses y un buen sablazo económico.

If Gimenez indeed faces a ban of fifteen games, his club side Atletico Madrid could also be affected. If the ban stands for domestic games as well, the Spanish club could be barred from having the Uruguayan defender on the pitch during the second half of the campaign.

Gimenez’s compatriot Luis Suarez was banned during the 2014 FIFA World Cup for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. He was banned for four months, which also meant he was prohibited from taking the field for his then-club Barcelona until the ban period elapsed.

Uruguay coach Diego Alonso blamed Portugal penalty decision for FIFA World Cup exit

Ghana v Uruguay: Diego Alonso
Ghana v Uruguay: Diego Alonso

Portugal were awarded a controversial penalty during their clash against Uruguay in the 2022 FIFA World cup. Bruno Fernandes converted the spot kick. Diego Alonso has now blamed the decision for his side’s exit from the tournament.

Speaking after the game, Alonso said (via The Guardian):

“We are out because of the penalty for Portugal and what it did to the goal difference. That was awarded but according to Fifa was not a penalty.”

He further added:

“I would have liked to see this version of Uruguay before but this is what happened, I don’t have anything to say to my players: they broke their backs and gave their best selves. Everyone can see what happened in previous match.”

Uruguay finished third in Group H with four points with a goal difference of zero and made an early exit from the FIFA World Cup. They scored two goals while South Korea scored four and went ahead as a result.

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