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Frequently Asked Questions for New Users on Fansly

What is Fansly? How you can make money? How much does Fansly charge or cut on payouts? What are the payment methods in Fansly? All your Fansly related questions are answered.

Fansly is a content subscription website that offers content creators to easily sell and monetize their content. It has become popular among adult content creators. If you are familiar with Onlyfans, you should know that both websites have similar features, but you will find Fansly one step ahead in terms of features. Fansly being a content subscription website has become popular among the masses, but people have a lot of questions about the platform. Some of the most asked questions will be answered in the article.

Fansly review: What is Fansly?

If you are a content creator and want to monetize your content on a trustworthy platform, then you can choose Fansly. Fansly offers numerous features to sell and monetize your content. Like other social media platforms that offer content subscriptions, Fansly too has a subscription method that content creators use to make money.

Fansly FAQ:

You do not have to worry about it if you are new to the platform and don’t know how to become a creator or other questions, such as content ideas or getting paid. Some of the most asked questions are given below:

Q: How do I Join Fansly as an Adult Content Creator?

It is actually very easy to join Fansly as an adult content creator. They have a very simple process to join. Unlike Onlyfans, the Fansly application process is very simple and they respond within three hours. Sign-up for Fansly here as a creator.

Q- Is Fansly considering introducing cryptocurrency as a payout/payment method to prevent the similar problems that Onlyfans had with traditional card service providers, i.e., Visa?

A- Fansly does have the plans to implement and introduce cryptocurrency and other payouts/payment methods or options that are in their consideration even before it came in the news.

Q- Do Fansly have any policy or method to secure the content creators from chargebacks?

A- Fansly covers the chargebacks for now and for the future. To clarify that, it depends on two situations; for instance, if someone subscribes to a content creator, and they receive the content from the content creator and then tries to initiate a chargeback, Fansly will cover that. The second situation is that when Fansly wouldn’t cover the chargeback, for instance, it would be when the content was promised to be provided by the content creator to a fan, and the fan paid for the content, then the content creator never delivered the content.

Q: Can I sell feet pics on Fansly?

Yes, but there is a better platform for selling your feet pics and that is FeetFinder. On FeetFinder, like Fansly, you have the opportunity to make money by getting paying subscribers but you can also make money through uploading your feet pics and videos to make a feet album and let people buy it. A feet album is a one-time created product and it could be bought multiple times. One of the best things about selling your feet pics on FeetFinder is the opportunity to get discovered or exposure you get. Join FeetFinder here as a feet seller.

Q- As a content creator, are you allowed to sell worn or used panties or other items used by you to your fans?

A- As a content creator, you are not allowed to sell worn panties and other used items. Before selling something on Fansly, do check it before delivering it to your fans. Fansly does allow the content creators to sell some of their items to the fans but not used, especially not used or worn panties.

Q- What are some potential Fansly alternatives or sites like Fansly?

There are a lot of sites where you can create content and make money. Some of the sites like Fansly are;

  • FriendsOnly: FriendsOnly is like TikTok for adult content creators and you can make money by getting paid viewers, getting tips in form of gifts, and selling pay-per-view-based videos. The other good thing about FriendsOnly is that it gives you more options to get discovered. Sign-up here for FriendsOnly as a Creator
  • Fanvue: Fanvue is a social media site like Onlyfans or Fansly where creators can make money selling their videos or pictures. They give fast payout options, good discovery, let you start a subscription or fan page, and make money as you do on Fansly or on Onlyfans.
  • Some other websites are; Cliqfans, LoyalFans, and hundreds of other websites where you can start a subscription business and make money selling your adult content.

Q- Is Fansly international? What nationalities cannot use the Fansly website as a creator?

A- Yes, Fansly is an international website and content subscription platform. There are some of the nationalities that cannot use the website as a content creator: Balkans, Belarus, Cote, Burma, D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Syria. As Fansly adds more payment methods and payout options, the list may be more inclusive.

Q- Does Fansly will appear on bank statements? And How will it appear on the statement?

A- Yes, Fansly will appear on statements. It will appear on the statements as a secret media LLC.

Q- How do Fansly protect content creators from fraud and piracy?

A- Fraud and Piracy are some of the most important priorities of Fansly. Fansly has spent a lot of resources on developers to make sure that they should stand ahead of their competitors. For instance, Fansly has backend features that make it hard to download or record content from Fansly.

Q- Is Fansly planning or working to implement a black screen feature that would prevent screen recording and screenshots on the platform (like Netflix)?

A- According to Fansly, they are working on DRM blocking, and soon they will be able to add this feature to their platform. The support of Fansly has announced that the DRM blocking feature is indeed in their roadmap.

Q- Can content creators on the platform schedule or queue their content? Or how to do it?

A- Yes, the content creators on Fansly can schedule their content. It is pretty easy to schedule your upcoming content on Fansly. To schedule a post, there is a ‘Schedule Posts’ button that is used to schedule or edit the scheduled posts.

Q- Do Fansly provides a W9 tax form to US content creators?

A- Yes, Fansly does provide a W9 tax form to the US content creators. If the content creator earns over $20,000 a year, he will be provided with a W9 tax form. According to the Fansly support team, they are working to improve this.

Q- Is adult content allowed on Fansly?

A- Yes, adult content is allowed on the platform, and there are many famous celebrities on the platform that creates adult content.

Q- Is it safe to work on Fansly?

A- Fansly is a secure platform with a helpful support team that is always present to help their content creators.

Q- Is it legal to work as an adult content creator on Fansly?

A- If your country allows adult content creation, then you are good to become an adult content creator on Fansly. Fansly does encourage content creators from various niches to create their content and make money.

Final remarks:

Fansly is a secure and famous content subscription platform. On Fansly, you can create any type of content and can make a lot of money. The platform has many features that help content creators to grow their fan base. Fansly is famous among adult content creators, and adult content creators do make a lot of money on the platform.

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