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Gregg Berhalter is criticised by Gio Reyna for disclosing information on the fallout from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

USA winger Gio Reyna has lambasted manager Gregg Berhalter for leaking details about his falling out at the FIFA World Cup.

Berhalter’s comments came at a summit in New York City last week in the aftermath of the USA’s exit from the competition in Qatar.

The American coach claimed that things got so bad with Reyna that they were ready to book him a flight home.

A vote was taken between the players in the USA camp.

A 13-12 vote favored that the Borussia Dortmund youngster stays with the squad.

However, he didn’t make much of an impact, making two appearances from the substitutes bench.

Reyna, 20, hit back at Berhalter’s comments, although he did accept that he lacked motivation and was emotional, saying on his Instagram account:

“I hoped not to comment on matters at the World Cup… That being said, statements have been made that reflect on my professionalism and character, so I feel the need to make a brief statement.”

The Dortmund attacker alluded to being told about the bit-part role he would play in Qatar:

“Just before the World Cup, Coach Berhalter told me that my role at the tournament would be very limited. I was devasted (sic). I am someone who plays with pride and passion.”

Reyna then revealed how he had apologized to teammates for his emotional personality:

“I am also a very emotional person, and I fully acknowledge that I let my emotions get the best of me and affect my training and behavior for a few days after learning about my limited role. I apologized to my teammates and coach for this, and I was told I was forgiven.”

However, Reyna’s frustrations with the situation continuing are evident as he says:

“I am disappointed that there is continuing coverage of this matter (as well as some highly fictionalized versions of events) and extremely surprised that anyone on the U.S. men’s team staff would contribute to it.”

He added:

“Coach Berhalter has always said that issues that arise with the team will stay ‘in house’ so we can focus on team unity and progress.”

Manchester City’s Zack Steffen reveals his anger at missing out on a spot in the USA’s FIFA World Cup squad

One player who didn’t head to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup with the USA was Steffen.

The City goalkeeper (on-loan at Middlesbrough) has missed friendly action and qualifiers leading up to the tournament due to personal issues.

However, it was anticipated that he would make the 26-man squad for the FIFA World Cup, but he was snubbed.

He has made 18 appearances this season for Boro, keeping four clean sheets.

Steffen has told the Athletic that he was heartbroken to miss the FIFA World Cup:

“I was shocked, I was sad, I was mad, I was heartbroken. I had a lot of feelings, different feelings. At the same time, I believe God has a plan for me, for all of us. I trust him. I walk in faith with him.”

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