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The family of a former Premier League player alleges that his wife faked his death to obtain insurance money.

Former Premier League player Jlloyd Samuel lost his life while driving his car in Cheshire in 2018. His vehicle crashed into a van and burst into flames, leaving Samuel’s body burnt.

The former England under-21 international was beyond recognition after the crash. His body was identified by dental records and radiographs that were carried out by Warrington Hospital.

Samuel’s sister, Leslie-Ann has now made a sensational claim, saying that her brother wasn’t behind the wheels of the Range Rover. She added that Samuel’s wife Emma faked the former player’s death and that Samuel is still alive. (according to Daily Star)

Leslie-Ann wrote on social media:

“Jlloyd we WILL see you soon, in this life.”

Another post read:

“Jlloyd brother, we know you are ALIVE and well, and we know the DNA the pathologist have is not your DNA .. 100%… Lies…”

My brother never wrote this message. Jlloyd Samuel was registered dead on the 15 May 2018. His wife Helia Sahimi Samuel and I have been investigating my brothers registered death ever since. Jlloyds family have been lied to by many people including the UK Cheshire Police force.

Leslie-Ann proceeded to accuse Cheshire police for their role in the incident. Cheshire police, though, downplayed any foul claims as they released a statement that read:

“The decision was verified in a peer review by an independent police force.”

Emma, Samuel’s wife and mother of the former Premier League player’s three children, has also denied Leslie-Ann’s claims. In a statement, she said:

“I do not wish to make any comment at this time. My only concern right now is getting through next week’s inquest and protecting my three beautiful children who have had to not only deal with the tragic loss of their father but also witness relentless fake news, threats and personal attacks on social media. I will make a short statement at the conclusion of the inquest and would ask for our privacy to be respected until then.”

Former Premier League star Jlloyd Samuel’s wife Emma reacts to Leslie-Ann’s claims

AFC Champions League playoff: Esteghlal v Ettifaq
AFC Champions League playoff: Esteghlal v Ettifaq

In an ITV documentary, former Aston Villa player Jlloyd Samuel’s wife Emma revealed how the former Premier League star’s sister Leslie-Ann approached her about the incident and alleged her of faking Samuel’s death. Emma said;

“Leslie-Ann approached me and said, ‘I know you’ve got something to do with this, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it’. And that’s when the accusations all started being published on Instagram – ‘it’s a fake death, and I’ve got something to do with it’; ‘he’s still alive and I’ve got something to do with his disappearance’.”

She continued:

“I’m having all these accusations thrown at me. I’m still having to sort through all the paperwork; bills – how I’m going to pay for everything? I’ve had investors knocking on my door wanting money, wanting to know where their money has gone. And I felt so much pressure.”

However, the story has another interesting turn. Samuel played in the Middle East during the later stage of his career.

The former Premier League star got hitched to another woman named Helia Sahimi. Sahimi is Samuel’s secret wife, who agrees with Leslie-Ann’s notion that the ex-Premier League star is indeed alive.

Remembering Jlloyd Samuel, on what would have been his 41st birthday. 💜

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Sahimi said:

“I believe my husband is still alive.”

Emma, meanwhile, was flabbergasted to find out that Jlloyd Samuel had another wife. She reacted by saying:

“I was trying to grieve my husband and find he has another life. Who is my husband – do I really know him?”

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