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The husband of Paula Jones is Steven Mark McFadden

Steven Mark McFadden is renowned as the husband of Paula Jones, who filed a lawsuit in 2000 against former President Bill Clinton. While Paula occasionally made appearances in the media, Steven remained entirely off the grid.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a biography of Steven Mark McFadden to help readers learn more about him.

Steven Mark McFadden’s biography

The 60-year-old McFadden has given very little information about his birthdate. In particular, he married Paula Jones in 2001 when he was 39.

He is a tall man with a height of 5′ 8″. At this moment, the accurate measurements are not known.

Steven Mark McFadden, an Arkansan by birth, has traveled to several places during his life. He has lived in Cabot, Little Rock, and Austin, Arkansas.

Since Steve stays off the radar most of the time, Steven’s identity and details about his family are kept a secret. Nevertheless, we found a few people who had a relationship with him, including his parents, siblings, and other family members. Anita L McFadden, Bruce L. McFadden, Clay Spencer McFadden, Henry J. McFadden, and Jon Christopher McFadden.

After Paula’s 1999 divorce from her first husband, Stephen Jones, Steven Mark McFadden married Paula Jones in 2001.

About his net worth, it appears that it is approximately $200,000. The estimated figure has yet to be confirmed because reliable sources are limited. 

Many are curious how Steven has amassed the money that makes up his current net worth. He had spent many years working for a construction equipment company.

When it comes to making public appearances, Steven is a ghost. His wife often made headlines due to high-profile sexual lawsuits. But was interested in just following along and getting the media’s attention.

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Paula Jones’s early life

American civil servant Paula Jones is the wife of Steven Mark McFadden. Paula Jones is also a former employee of Arkansas State.

She was raised in the Church of the Nazarene as her father was a minister of the Church.

In 1984, Jones completed his high school education in Carlisle, Arkansas. She studied in a secretarial school in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a brief period. She was a Little Rock resident when she first met Steve Jones in 1989.

Paula did multiple jobs before joining the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission (AIDC).

Paula Jones Marriage and divorce

Stephen Jones is the ex-husband of Paula Jones.

As per reports, the divorce was filed in June 1999 after their separation in February of that year. When they parted ways, Paula Jones said they planned to get back together in Arkansas and that their marriage was not threatened.

According to reports, they had two children, Stephen and Preston, who were 6 and 2 years old at the time of the divorce petition. Stephen Jones requested their two kids’ joint legal, physical custody, and visitation rights.

The boys live with their mother in Cabot, Arkansas, after the couple divorced in February.

Two years after her divorce, Jones married Steven. As per reports, she met her neighbor Steven Mark McFadden during a housewarming party. Steven worked in a construction equipment company at that time.

Jones explained, “He’s shy, and I was shy too. And we’ve been dating ever since.”.

They got married when Steven was 39 and Paula was 35. In October 2001, they married in a downtown Little Rock Villa Marre home.

Paula Jones’s net worth

Paula Jones’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000. After the Clinton scandal, she became a reality TV star and also posed for Penthouse magazine.

Jones Vs Clinton

In March 1991, she was hired as a document examiner for the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, earning $10,270 per year. She claimed that her meeting with Clinton occurred two months after joining the job.

She claimed that the incident took place when Clinton visited the Conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock. 

He observed her manning a conference table and tried to expose himself to her during a conference. 

Clinton then made some sexual comments and also tried to sexually harass Paul with inappropriate touching.

Jones declined the overture and tried to leave. Clinton said, “You are smart. Keep this between us.”

Federal district court judge Susan Webber Wright granted judgment in favor of Clinton 

She stated that even if the alleged incidents had happened, they did not amount to sexual assault. Jones had no evidence that she had experienced consequences or mental distress at work due to refusing the governor.

Paula and her attorneys had two witnesses to back up the claims. Jones’ coworker Pamela Blackard had been working at the conference’s registration desk. Also her friend Debra Ballentine. Debra claimed that Jones unexpectedly turned up at Ballentine’s office later that day and narrated the incident.

Jones appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Later, Clinton and Jones reached a settlement in which Jones received $850,000 (of which $200,000 went to cover legal expenses). But Clinton made no confessions of wrongdoings. Wright’s decision and the settlement give no clarity to the reality of Jones’s allegations.

American crime story: Impeachment

The FX drama tells about the relationship between former President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky. This eventually ended in his Impeachment.

Jones is portrayed in the series by Annaleigh Ashford. 

In her recent interview with Inside Edition, Jones slammed Impeachment as “inaccurate”. According to her, it was “cartoonish-y.”
Jone’s husband Steven Mark Mcfadden is always seen by the side or her wife. Steven Mark Mcfadden seems to be a supportive husband

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