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The Liverpool star says that he is in charge of implementing fines and punishments for the team and that “no one is allowed their phone for supper.”

James Milner, a true veteran of the Liverpool team under Jurgen Klopp, is in charge of enforcing disciplinary rules in the dressing room. The former Manchester City man is one of the leaders of the team.

Since arriving at Anfield in 2015, Milner has made 309 appearances for the club, scoring 26 goals and providing 46 assists. He has made 20 appearances for the Reds this campaign across competitions and has provided two assists.

The Englishman has now revealed his role in keeping the squad disciplined as well. Milner is the man in charge of imposing fines for the Reds.

Speaking on the We are Liverpool podcast, he said (via the Reds’ official website):

“The boys see you coming and straight away they stop doing what they should be! Where we stay before home games, I’ll have rice pudding before most games and I have jam in it and you’ve got to walk to the far side of the room, so I’ve got to pass all the tables.”

He further added:

“No-one’s allowed their phone at dinner. I’ve got that walk across and I can see someone’s head down. You just lean your head over and see someone’s phone on the lap, it’s like, ‘Sorry mate! I’m surprised they haven’t moved the jam yet.”

Milner: “Before I got to Liverpool I was at Leeds from 10 to 18, but Liverpool is seen as my club. I said at the end of last year, I’m always Leeds through and through, but I never thought I’d say that at least half of me is red now.”

Milner, however, was honest enough to admit that he has fallen on the wrong side of his own rules from time to time. He said:

“Yeah, I’ve had to [pay] a couple of times. We had one where I was late for a meeting because I was in the gym doing an exercise. And then I think my phone might’ve Siri’d or something in dinner.”

James Milner could have played for Liverpool’s arch-rivals Everton as a youngster

Manchester City v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Fourth Round
Manchester City v Liverpool – Carabao Cup Fourth Round

Milner revealed that he could very well have ended up on the blue side of Merseyside as a youngster as Everton were interested in signing him. However, the move didn’t materialize due to an unexpected issue, which the Liverpool midfielder explained. He said:

“I was playing for a local team in Leeds and I got scouted by Everton, I got asked to go on a trial game and it was just before Christmas time, I think it was. The game got called off because of snow and I never heard anything. Then Leeds came in three months later, February-March time, and I went there for a trial. They signed me and I was there from 10 years old.”

Despite his failed move to Everton, Milner has certainly enjoyed a decorated career and will go down as a Premier League legend.

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