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There are four reasons the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the finest ever.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino recently described the FIFA 2022 World Cup as the best in history after a record number of attendances at the World Cup and great quality matches.

He added that this World Cup has more than two billion spectators and for the first time in history, teams from every continent were present in the round of 16.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why this World Cup has been the best.



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#4 Big Score lines

Goals were scored galore at this World Cup with expected names in international football stamping their attacking authority on teams. Spain were the only team in the World Cup who scored seven goals in a single game while England and Portugal managed to register six in one game. Costa Rica were on the receiving end for a couple of matches when at least four goals were scored against them. The massive score lines from the World Cup are as below:

  • England (6) vs Iran (2)
  • France (4) vs Australia (1)
  • Spain (7) vs Costa Rica (0)
  • Croatia (4) vs Canada (1)
  • Cameroon (3) vs Serbia (3)
  • Germany (4) vs Costa Rica (2)
  • Brazil (4) vs South Korea (1)
  • Portugal (6) vs Switzerland (1)

#3 Group Stage upsets

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

Argentina were the first to score in the game thanks to a well-taken Lionel Messi penalty in the 10th minute. But the match will forever be written in the history books as Saudi Arabia managed to beat Argentina (2-1) with the Saudis equalizing in the 48th minute and scoring the winner in the 53rd minute of the game.

Argentina are among the favorites to win the trophy, so Saudi beating them was a big deal. There was even a national holiday declared the next day by the President of Saudi Arabia.

Germany vs Japan

Germany were awarded a penalty in the 33rd minute when Gundogan stepped up and scored. Fans across the globe were expecting Germany to beat Japan easily, but the Samurai Blue had other plans. They managed to clinch a historic win over Germany, beating them (2-1) with the equalizer coming in the 75th minute and the game-winner coming in the 83rd minute.

Germany are always regarded as one of the favorites to win any competition they play, but they fell short in their first game of the World Cup.

Portugal vs South Korea

Everyone thought that Portugal would be the first team in this edition of the World Cup to go unbeaten in the group stage. However, South Korea fought hard and managed to win against them with a 2-1 score line.

Even though Portugal lost against South Korea, they managed to top their group as they won all of their previous games.

Cameroon vs Brazil

Cameroon played this match for the history books as they beat footballing giants Brazil. The game ended with a score line of 1-0 as Cameroon’s Vicent Aboubakar scored the only goal.

Cameroon became the first African nation to defeat Brazil but crashed out of the World Cup.

#2 Big-name early exits from the World Cup


Germany had one of their worst World Cups ever. Out of three group-stage games, they only managed to win against Costa Rica, which was not enough for them to qualify for the round of 16.


Spain only managed to beat Costa Rica with a huge score line of 7-0. They managed to qualify for the round of 16 but failed to beat Morocco in the Round of 16, going out on penalties.


Belgium is another team who disappointed fans in this World Cup. They only managed to beat Canada, which was not enough for them to qualify for the round of 16.

#1 Underdogs reaching the semifinals


Morocco advanced to the round of 16 after beating Belgium and Canada and drawing with Croatia.

They managed to beat Spain in the Round of 16 on penalties and advanced to the quarter-finals where they had to face another big challenge against Portugal.

Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 to advance to the semi-finals and became the first African team to reach the World Cup semifinals. They became the first African team to ever reach the World Cup semi-finals where they will face France.

Fans across the globe are now rooting for Morocco to win the World Cup.


Croatia advanced to the round of 16 after beating Canada and drawing with Belgium and Morocco.

They managed to beat Japan in a penalty shootout and advanced to the quarter-finals where they had to face their biggest challenge yet against Brazil. Croatia again came on top and managed to beat Brazil on penalties, which gave them a ticket to the semi-finals.

Croatia will now face Argentina on 13 December 2022 in the semi-finals with hopes of qualifying for the back-to-back World Cup finals.

There are four teams left with two of them being favorites, Argentina and France. With the other two, Croatia and Morocco being the underdogs, the whole world is rooting for either of them to win.

Who do you think will win the World Cup? Let us know in the comments section below.

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