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These Voice-Activated, Light-Up Skull Toilets Cost Over $10,000.

So I came across one of these beauties in a home design shaming group on Facebook. Yes I know it’s not the nicest of groups to be in but I do love looking at some epic failed designs. For some it’s fail videos, for me it’s failed home design. Anyhow, shared in the group was something that I actually kind of liked. A skull toilet by WaterThrone that had light up eyes and kind of floated when installed. Then I started looking into it more and it’s a LOT more than meets the eye.

So not only is this thing awesome looking it has a ton of built in features. For one it’s got voice control through Siri and Google. Which means if you forget to flush and walk downstairs, “Hey Google, flush the toilet” would be an easy way to make sure you’ve finished your business. It also has a built in speaker so you can listen to podcasts which I assume you’re doing on the toilet because you’re having a bad time. A bidet, multiple light settings, it’s rimless which means less bacteria build up, a built in battery because you can either use it with battery power or plug it in and it’s fully customizable. So you can get cool paintjobs like these ones.

If you want to check these out they start at around $10,900 USD. I got that number from the Euro conversion from € 9,000. Thanks Google! Anyhow you can check out their official site here.

The greatest virtue of a creator is to provide added value, something new that improves our experience and enhances our daily life.
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He reinvented the most basic throne to make it a true gem through both its smooth design and cutting-edge technology.

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