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Twitter erupts as Real Madrid defeats Celtic 5-1 to win the UCL group stages.

Twitter exploded as Real Madrid absolutely hammered Celtic in their final group game of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, November 2.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team were in firm control of the game throughout the contest. Luka Modric opened the scoring for Los Blancos as he converted from the spot before Rodrygo scored the second. The Brazilian also scored from the penalty spot.

Marco Asensio and Vinicius Jr. scored in the 51st and 61st minutes, respectively, before Federico Valverde scored a world-class goal from outside the box to complete his side’s commanding route.

Ancelotti’s side secured their status as the winners of Group F with a win at the Santiago Bernabeu. They finish the group stages with 13 points on the board from six games.

Here are some of the best reactions across Twitter to Real Madrid’s win:

Rodrygo has now scored the same amount of Champions League goals as Ronaldo Nazario for Real Madrid 😮🇧🇷

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Real Madrid at Bernabeu have no mercy 😬

Real Madrid bought Valverde for 5 million. What A Bargain 😭😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

Watching real Madrid 5 Celtic 0 it really looks like Celtic didn’t come in with a plan except sit back and let Real play keep away ,at least have your own style if you get beat so be it but to just sit back and let an attacking team run riot not acceptable

real madrid play amazing football

Real Madrid play very entertaining football 😮💨

Oh look at us we’re Real Madrid and we can score loads of goals, fuck off.


Real Madrid knows how to respond.

Celtic players are so tired of these Real Madrid counter attacks 😭😭

@chris_sutton73 didn’t just say this Real Madrid team is the level Celtic are aspiring to 😭 am howling!

I don’t watch Real Madrid that often, but every time I see Ceballos play he seems to put in a decent performance

Real Madrid should stop the count!!!

How is Real Madrid so perfect

Real Madrid hitting Celtic for 5 🖐

Instead Of You To Concentrate On Your Europa League Football, You Are Here Trying To Troll Real Madrid. Barcelona Fans Di333🤦🏾‍♂️😂

Am rilli sick of this youth nonsense
Real madrid already won der group but still field der strongest team against celtic today with da likes of rudiger struggling fir minutes left on da bench so who are u chelsea to use acadamy players
And wen we loose u all going to attack GP

It seems Ancelotti has given up on Hazard…


Score update 75′

Real Madrid 5-0 Celtic

Modrić 6′ (P) ⚽
Rodrygo 21′ (P)
Asensio 51′
Júnior 61′
F. Valverde 71′


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Ancelotti did not opt to substitute Valverde off even when they were 4-0 up and he just came back from an injury.

Valverde then goes ahead and scores yet another class goal. That’s the golden rule at Real Madrid I guess, no matter what happens, Valverde stays on the pitch.

“That’s three Real Madrid goals in 20 minutes, which is a bit of a worry for Celtic as there’s another 20 minutes to go!”

There is Real Madrid, and other teams 🤭

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos said he and Luka Modric had to adapt when Casemiro left

Real Madrid's midfield trio
Real Madrid’s midfield trio

Many were surprised during the summer when Casemiro left Real Madrid to join Manchester United. Toni Kroos has now revealed that he and Modric had to adapt after their long-time partner in the middle of the park left.

While speaking to the media ahead of the clash against Celtic, the German said (via

“I don’t know if I’m at my peak, because in the last eight years I’ve had a lot of good moments. This is quite a good moment and I’m feeling good. I try to adapt to what the team needs.

“When a player like Casemiro leaves, after everything he’s given, and new players join who play differently, players like me and Luka have to adapt.”

Kroos further added:

“In some games, especially the big ones, perhaps you have to defend a bit more. There hasn’t been a big change in terms of my statistics with the ball. I always try to help the team by playing deeper to get the ball up to the final third as quickly as possible. I try to play like that, but perhaps I have improved in terms of my defending this season”.

Kroos has already won five Champions League trophies with Los Blancos. When quizzed about how it would feel to win a sixth, he said:

“That wouldn’t be bad at all. I can count up to six, so it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s the same every year – we want to win every competition we play in. It’s a new season with a very good team.”

The German international has been a stalwart for Real Madrid and will hope to carry forward the momentum as the side look forward to winning the Champions League.

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