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Watch Post Malone and Robin Pecknold Perform a New Song on Saturday Night Live

Post Malone performed a song from his new album Twelve Carat Toothache on Saturday Night Live. In one of Malone’s songs, “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol,” Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold sang in a choir behind him, with the fog machine partially obscuring him. The rapper was flanked by a pair of drummers playing taiko drums for his moody performance. Roddy Ricch joined Malone on stage to perform “Cooped Up” live. This is the latest release from Malone’s Twelve Carat Toothache, and Rick is featured on it. Check it out below.

A previous appearance on Saturday Night Live was made by Pecknold in January 2009. It was he and Post Malone who collaborated on “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” with producer Louis Bell, according to the Fleet Foxes musician. In an Instagram Story, he explained that he had penned a song called “For Post Malone” as a “private thanks” for the rapper’s kind words about his band in the world. He said he had recorded his part last year.

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During a 2018 interview with Billboard, Post Malone called Pecknold “a great writer” and tweeted about Fleet Foxes. A genuine friendship developed out of those admirations. In 2020, Post Malone would occasionally text Pecknold. “It’s always nice to get those texts,” he said. I always feel like a glitch in the Matrix when that pops up in my iMessages.

While we were working in Los Angeles, he stopped by the studio frequently and offered a lot of support,” Pecknold noted. “I wanted to get the album [Shore] out as soon as possible, so we didn’t get together in time, but I did ask him to appear on it. Fortunasick, but we didn’t have time to see him.”

“He’s a super sweet guy; he’s a gentleman, and I think he’s the best melody writer in the industry right now,” Pecknold said as well, “and we’ve got a casual friendship because of some glitch in the Matrix.”

The release date for Twelve Carat Toothache is June 3. “One Right Now” appears on the record as well as “Cooped Up.”

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