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We’ve endured enough pain, – Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister implores the Portugal captain to withdraw from the country’s FIFA World Cup team in 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro has begged the superstar to leave Portugal’s 2022 FIFA World Cup squad and come home after being dropped to the bench against Switzerland.

Portugal skipper Ronaldo was dropped to the bench in the Round-of-16 clash against Switzerland. His replacement Goncalo Ramos made the most of the opportunity by scoring a stunning hat-trick to help the Navigators to a 6-1 win over the Swiss.

Taking to Instagram, Aveiro acknowledged that while she was happy that her country had won, she could not overlook the disrespect her brother was receiving in his country.

“Portugal won. Thank God. New talents shone. Amazing. Are we going to win this? I believe so!! On the field they shouted for Ronaldo. It wasn’t because Portugal was winning…,” Aveiro began, as relayed by The Sun.

“And I’m not saying this. The world watched… Why is it??? I’m glad Portugal won… (I’ve seen Portugal win so many times). And even this doesn’t invalidate the smallness of a large part of the Portuguese people. And this is what is not right, because they continue to curse, they continue to insist on offence and ingratitude.”

🎙️ Katia (Ronaldo’s sister):

“I so wanted him to come home, leave the national team & sit next to us so we could hug him & tell him that everything is fine, remind him of what he achieved & what home he came from, I so wanted him not to go there anymore , we’ve suffered enough.”

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She continued:

“Too sad with what I read and hear not here in Qatar but in my country in his country… But really sad. AND I WANTED IT SO MUCH.

“I really wanted him to come home, leave the national team and sit next to us so we could hug him and say that everything is fine, remind him of what he conquered and what home he came from.”

Aveiro then claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as his family, had suffered enough and asked him to put an end to it:

“I really wanted him not to go there anymore , we have suffered enough (they will never know how big) you are and the little ones don’t realise how huge you are…

“Come to your house. Which is where they understand you, where they embrace you. As always was. Where do you have all the gratitude. And not ingratitude.”

In the end, she claimed that every family member was with Ronaldo and supported his every decision, writing:

“Thank you Ronaldo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“I really wanted to… But whatever you decide, we are with you. Until death. Thanks.”

Before Katia took to Instagram, her sister Elma had slammed Fernando Santos for benching the all-time record goalscorer in men’s international football (118 goals in 195 games).

Appearing in four matches at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored once. The goal came from the penalty spot in Portugal’s 3-2 win over Group H rivals Ghana on November 24.

Bernardo Silva lauds Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude after being benched in Portugal’s crucial FIFA World Cup clash

While Ronaldo’s sisters have gone nuclear on social media, the superstar himself was calm and understanding in the dressing room. According to Cristiano Ronaldo’s compatriot Bernardo Silva, the 37-year-old was in good spirits and claimed that he helped the group in his capacity.

🎙️ Bernardo Silva:

“We are going to play this World Cup for Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“I will fight for Cristiano at the World Cup, not for myself.” 🇵🇹❤️

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Speaking to the press after Portugal advanced to the 2022 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals, the Manchester City midfielder said:

“I think he is helping us. Today he showed a great personality inside the dressing room, and he was fine. Of course, sometimes he might not be happy because everyone wants to play. But he helped us a lot in his role and his attitude was great.”

It will be interesting to see if Cristiano Ronaldo is once again condemned to the bench in the 2022 FIFA World Cup quarter-final clash against Morocco on December 10.

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