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Which celebrity borrowed the name for their stage persona from an old English ballad?

Medieval ballads are poems that are narrated musically. It comes with a background instrumental sound whiles the poem is being narrated. These medieval ballads are like music in a poetic form and they are very soothing to hear. If you are into poems and music, this combination is definitely for you. You would love it! There is a celebrity who received his stage name because of this medieval, Let’s find out who this person is.

Chevy Chase                   Who wrote The Ballad of Chevy Chase?The First BalladThe Second BalladWhat happened to Chevy ChaseWhere is Chevy Chase nowWho was the original Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase                   

He is an American comedian, actor, and writer. His birth name is Cornelius Crane Chase and he was born in New York, US. He was born on October 8, 1943. Chase is 78 yrs, now and would be 79 in October this year. Chase was named after his adoptive grandfather Cornelius Vanderbilt Chase. The nickname Chevy was bestowed by his grandmother from the medieval English Ballad called “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. He is known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live. His regular weekend update section quickly became a classic show. He received three Primetime Emmy Awards out of five nominations as both a performer and writer.

His first leading film role was in the comedy Foul Play in 1978 and earned two Golden Globe Award nominations. He married Susan Hewitt in New York on February 23, 1973. On the 1st of February,1976 the couple divorced and Chase got married again to Jacqueline Carlin. The marriage between Chase and Jacqueline was formalized on December 4, 1976. This marriage also ended in divorce on November 14, 1980. Again, he married his third wife called Jayni Luke in Pacific Palisades on June 19, 1982. Chase and Jayni had three daughters and the couple lives in Bedford, New York.

Who wrote The Ballad of Chevy Chase?

Child Ballad 162 is an English Ballad titled “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. There are two ballads with this name which both tell the same story. Other versions of this previously popular song may have existed, as ballads existed in oral tradition before it was written down.

The tune used in the other ballads had nothing to do with ‘The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. This ballad describes the narrative of a huge hunting party in the Cheviot Hills (a region of rolling hills crossing the Anglo-Scottish border between Northumberland and the Scottish Borders) inspired by the name Chevy Chase. Percy, the English Earl of Northumberland is in charge of the hunt. This hunt had been outlawed by the Scottish Earl Douglas who saw it as an invasion of Scotland. He retaliated by attacking resulting in a bloodbath in which only 110 people survived. The first of the ballads were gathered in Thomas Percy’s Reliques and the second in Francis James Child’s Child Ballads. In England, Scotland, and the United States, several versions were collected.

Who wrote The Ballad of Chevy Chase?

The First Ballad

The first of the two ballads of Chevy Chase was written in the 1430s but its earliest record is The Complaynt of Scotland, One of the first printed books in Middle Scots. In the Complaynt of Scotland, the ballad is called the Hunting of Cheviot. In the 17th century, the license of the tune was in1624 and also in 1675.

The Second Ballad

The old ballad “Chevy-Chase” is the most popular ballad among the common people of England and Ben Jonson used to declare that he would rather have written it than any of his other works. The second of the ballads appear to have been written in modernized English around 1620 and is the more well-known version.

What happened to Chevy Chase

Chase became an alcohol addict and he was diagnosed with alcohol cardiomyopathy, which means his heart changed shape because of long-term heavy alcohol usage. Chase was admitted to the Betty Ford Center for treatment for an addiction to a painkiller prescribed. He experienced continuous back pain because of his fall during his Saturday Night Live appearances before his use began. He said that his drug abuse had gone down in 2010 and in September 2016, he went to Hazelden Clinic to receive treatment for alcoholism.

Where is Chevy Chase now

After being hospitalized for 5 weeks due to his illness, Chase is recovering at his home in Westchester. According to his interview in 2021 with Page Six, he said, “these are my first few days home. I can only say how happy I am now to be back with my family. I’m feeling good. I was in the hospital for five weeks. A heart issue. So, for now, I’m around the house. Not going anywhere”.

With all that has happened Chase was still funny in his interview with Page Six. He also said there’s no need for him to go and meet the COVID.

Who was the original Chevy Chase

The name Chevy Chase is traced from the hunting grounds in the Cheviot Hills along the Scottish-English border.

Colonel Joseph Belt received a patent for 560 acres in Maryland. He called it the Chevy Chace. Until the late nineteenth century, the farmland became the center of the streetcar suburb that kept the name and now is Chevy Chase.

In the 19th century, Francis G. Newlands and William Stewart who were entrepreneurs developed  Chevy Chase as a home suburb for the nation’s capital in the late 1800s. Stewart was a Senator and Newlands was a future representative of Nevada and also the heir to the Cornstock Lode Fortune. Stewart and Newlands came together and quietly bought a thousand acres along the road that became Connecticut Avenue. They moved the land to their new establishment Chevy Chase Land Company. They kept extending the land and constructed a streetcar line.

The founders of Chevy Chase, Stewart and Williams planned a unique neighborhood of elegant homes in a park-like environment with wide avenues, sidewalks, and parks. They supplied every city with water, electricity, schools, churches, and recreational facilities. They also provided streetcar services which are also called trams or trolleys to help commute people to the city of Washington. The streetcar line was the center when we talked about the early life of Chevy Chase. It was used by commuters to get to and from work in the city. The captain of the Streetcar also carried groceries and green boxes for the residents of Chevy Chase in the city.

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